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Back Perishables logistics for fruit and vegetables

Lock in a long shelf-life for your fruit and vegetables by partnering with cold chain specialists for packaging, transport and storage of these sensitive perishable items.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. It’s no surprise that these are among the most transported food items in the world. 

There’s a lot to consider when transporting these sensitive products. Temperature management, prevention of odour contamination and air and ethylene management are just some of the many challenges of transporting this product category. Further challenges could arise when the shipment crosses international borders, requiring accurate customs documentation and compliance with local regulations. Finally, the shipment must comply with all food safety measures, often including a phytosanitary inspection before it can clear customs. 

Global quality and safety standard

Whether you ship mangos from Mexico, figs from Brazil, or bananas from Ecuador, our Perishables specialists understand the specific requirements of each product. Your goods will be handled in accordance with KN FreshChain, Kuehne+Nagel’s global quality and safety standard. For your peace of mind, you can monitor the shipment 24/7. We’ll arrange the correct packaging, transport and storage so that your customers receive tasty and healthy fruit and vegetables with their shelf-lives intact. 

Your fruit and vegetables will benefit from:

  • End-to-end solutions
  • Specific product knowledge for fruit and vegetables
  • Optimum transit times and transportation modes for maximum fruit and vegetables protection
  • Global network of certified hubs 
  • Cold stores at various temperature levels
  • Roller bed systems for the fast and safe build-up of pallets for aircraft
  • Active and passive temperature-control packaging
  • Own truck fleet for pick-up or last-mile delivery
  • Regular auditing to ensure strict food quality and safety standards are met
  • Fixed space allocations and strong relationships with carriers allowing for multiple departures and schedule optimisation 
  • Full track and trace and temperature monitoring for complete visibility

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