Digital Solutions

Innovation is a key driver of our customers’ success. For this reason, we invest in research and technologies that can accelerate your digital transformation.

Digitalisation and automation are changing the way industries operate, and companies who embrace these innovations have a strong advantage.   

At Kuehne+Nagel, technology is one way we can support our customers to keep their promises and achieve their goals. With the intelligent use of technology, we simplify complexity in order to bring transparency to logistics. 

We’re focused on efficiency and transparency and believe that simplifying complexity a competitive advantage as technology in logistics offers a more productive supply chain that is safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

Here are just some of the innovative technologies we’re using to optimise your supply chain:

  • EDI our automated communication approach allows you to simplify your interaction with us while improving accuracy, speed and reduce costs.
  • Your systems integrate directly with ours thanks to Application Programming Interfaces (API’s)that enable the smooth and automated exchange of information
  • Big Data turns unstructured information into valuable insights, helping you to make better decisions. This is particularly useful for  predictive analytics and risk reduction
  • We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence for advanced pattern recognition that assists with quality management and predictive maintenance
  • Our Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring sensors track temperature, geolocation and other data in real-time during transportation so that we can assure quality, process efficiency and traceability.
  • Blockchain technology supports the tamper-proof exchange of data between partners and eliminates the need for additional communication channels overcoming trust and data security issues.


Rapidly changing purchasing patterns and shifting trade dynamics call for evolutionary products that help your business navigate seamlessly through the new frontier. 

KNtrade, our Landed Cost Solution enables your business with a visible and total cost of a product landed, delivered from supplier to your customer’s door. Through the platform, you are able to generate an ‘all in‘ landed cost which consists of supplier costs, logistics costs, trade finance or treasury costs as well as customs VAT and duties all on one localized invoice, and per unit.  

The end – to – end product offering also extends to quick access cargo insurance and ensures you have visibility of your shipment through real-time status alerts.  

Our free online estimated landed cost calculator is a great starting point toward digitizing the process and understanding of your costs.

When you sign up for KNtrade you will experience these benefits:

  • Digitalize your landed cost process
  • Access end to end money flows for your transaction
  • Get instant quotes for your air and sea shipments
  • Go from quote to booking in a single click. And if you are not ready to book,  save your costings for later.
  • Track your shipments and get notifications from the shipments you choose to follow
  • Enjoy visibility and control from any device

Sign up here to activate the landed cost import solution for your business – together, growing into the future.

Kn Trade